Friday, December 4, 2009

Nanaimo Bars - My Attempt at Winning the Company Bake-Off

Last year I won the bake off at work... with this recipe. So, this year I was decidedly going to make my mom's wonderful coconut cake, until they decided to change the rules and make it a cookie bake-off! The nerve! So, I needed to pull out all the stops, and I couldn't just do my basic chocolate chip cookies(but maybe I should have)...

I had made this recipe once before, and it was really well received. So, I decided to make it again.

Thanks Food Network :-) Though I inadvertently screwed up the recipe a bit, it was still a hit... even if it didn't even come in in the top 4 cookies entered. My coworkers really seemed to enjoy them, and I guess that's all that matters.

Here's the recipe in case you want it. And for copyright purposes I'm just giving you the link to the FoodNetwork's site because, while married to a lawyer, I'm not honestly sure how that works!

Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bars

I'll post pics later, and I'll sulk about not winning... at least for a little while... because I'm competitive, and because sulking is expected I think! I mean, the prize was a $75 Williams Sonoma gift card!!!!
(Update)Here are some pics... they are every bit as tasty as they are pretty.
This is the fudge that I made for hubby and my coworkers... it's a hit too, but I can't give out the recipe as my father-in-law would kill me... (It's a secret!)

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