Sunday, November 8, 2009

Budgeting and Coupons...

My husband and I are serious budgeters! This may shock a few of you who have known me all my life, because I am a spender! Not a budgeter. But we've decided to live like no one else now so we can live like no one else later :-) We started the Dave Ramsey "envelope" plan over a year ago in order to help get our spending under control and also to pay off our debt. It's been trying, and sometimes we don't do so well, but we have no credit card debt, and we've paid off a HUGE chunk of change of Student Loans. It feels good to get this under control.

Lately, I've become obsessed with couponing... It's hard sometimes when you're trying to eat healthy because most of the coupons come for things that aren't so healthy. What I didn't realize though is that
a) there are coupons for healthy items
b) there are coupons for other things that are useful and fun like free songs on as well as free Christmas picture cards.
c) every little bit helps!!!!

So, here are a few of the sites that I have come to check out often (or I subscribe to). Maybe they will help you too! Recently, with the help of one of these sites, I was able to get our Christmas Picture Cards for $3.19 in shipping only... yes, I got 50 cards for $3.19... and they look great!!!

Faithful Provisions
Target and other coupons
The Holt House (This is a friend of mine, and she's a master budgeter)
The Good Deal Gal (Another place I find good deals)

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