Sunday, November 1, 2009


We are truly blessed to live in a neighborhood where people talk with each other, get to know each other, and really care about each other. I'm involved in a Bunco group, a Bible study, and always see people walking by the house and they stop to chat. I'm in love with our neighborhood and the friends it has afforded us!!! (I even got a "Amish Friendship Bread" deal this weekend from Kaleigh who lives a few doors down... More to follow on that later)

Unfortunately, no neighborhood is too far from the possibility of grief, and our neighborhood found out that we had had our share last week.

A family that just moved into the neighborhood less than a month before was vacationing, while the beautiful momma came down with swine flu. She died last week from complications of the disease. She leaves behind a husband and a 9 month old little boy. We are still trying to piece together what we can do for this family -- we are going to do meals as a neighborhood, and possibly even a formula or diaper party if they need assistance that way. Because, that's what neighbors do. They come together as support when needed.

I never met this lovely momma, but you can tell from her pictures that she must have had a beautiful heart!

Here is their blog:

And here is the article from the Tennessean:

If you haven't (And I haven't yet unfortunately), please get a shot for H1N1 virus. And don't forget to hug your family and tell them you love them... you just never know!


Vanessa said...

Saying a prayer for them right now.

BrandyB said...

Megan- please pass this website on to whoever you feel can get it to this young man as quickly as possible.

It's from a blog that I follow by a man that lost his wife the day after she gave birth to their daughter. It is an tragic, yet amazing and courageous story. The website above is for the Foundation that was started in her name to give assistance to young widows and widowers with small children. It won't bring his beautiful wife back but just trying to think of anything that could help him and their sweet little boy.... Man- I can barely see through my tears. So sad- and so unfair. Please let me know if you are able to pass this on.