Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arrington Vineyards

A few weekends ago we went to Arrington Vineyards with some friends... Arrington Vineyards is owned in part by Kix Brooks(of Brooks and Dunn) and is only about 10-15 mins from our house.

Having just been in Paso Robles, CA where we tasted some great--no, amazing--wines, we weren't overly impressed with the wine at Arrington, but we enjoyed hanging out with our friends and eating some food...

My friend made some sort of a baked pasta dish with whole wheat pasta and she also had some sausages from their CSA. I brought along some steamed edamame and also some celery and carrots with hummus. All-in-all I think it was a fun afternoon with little damage done on the calorie end (well, except the red wine, but that doesn't count, right?)

This was the wine we decided to buy/drink... It was a Syrah. Yeah, the four of us went through 2 bottles... that's ok, right?

Yes, we drank out of plastic cups. It felt sort of like drinking out of dixie cups, this is also ok, right?

If you're in Nashville, you might try to go to Arrington Vineyards since it is a neat experience being that it's a Vineyard stuck amongst rolling hills. They also have some great music on the weekends... I know, great music in Nashville, SHOCKING. :-)

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hhgaddis31 said...

I really like to cook with wine!!!!

Sometimes I even put it in the food....