Wednesday, October 14, 2009

San Francisco and Paso Robles - Dominic's Wedding!

Last weekend, Richie and I headed out to San Francisco and Paso Robles, CA. San Fran was the first stop... we stayed in a hotel off Fisherman's Wharf and did as much in San Fran as we could before heading south for the wedding. We walked around the Wharf, saw the Sea Lions, went to Ghiradelli Square, took a cable car, saw Lombard Street, and inadvertently saw downtown (oops!)!!! It was a great trip, and I think with the time allotted, we really got a lot in. Then we drove down the scenic route to Paso so that we could see the ocean and not just farm lands :-)

On Saturday morning we got up early and started out at about 10am at a winery. We went to Eberle, J. Lohr, EOS, Donatoni, Poalillo, Jada, and also to Croad. The wedding was at Croad so I don't know that I can really count it, but I will! The wine was incredible. Richie and I have decided we now know how to taste the difference between cheap and not so cheap wine. The budget nazi's that we are, we couldn't bring any home. It helped that the wineries can't ship to Tennessee so we used that as an excuse. Believe you me though, I would LOVE to have some of that wine!!!

It was an amazing time and I thought I would share some of my pictures from the trip... And yes, these pictures were taken with my new camera :-) YAY! They look a little blurry here, but I promise, they are really good :-)
This is the happy couple... congrats Dom and Terri! Thanks for inviting us to be part of your day!

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