Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Friend Megan...

Yes, my name is Megan, and I have a friend named Megan... ironically, she sits right next to me at work--well practically. So, we have to go by initials--otherwise it gets entirely too confusing when someone screams, I mean gently speaks, our name. She is MK(left) and I am MG(right).

She's a good friend, and I'm so excited because soon she's going to have a baby... We don't know what the baby is. (And while that completely and totally stresses me out, she's totally fine with it so... whatever) :-) But, I can't wait!!! and so, I'm sharing a picture of me and MK... we can't tell you where it was taken, because that, well, it's top secret. You understand, right?

So, MK... I can't wait for you to have BK. You are going to be a wonderful mom, but I'll miss you while you're on maternity leave... do you think you can IM me from your work computer while changing a diaper? Wait, don't do that, that would be weird!!!! At least IM me while you're watching your soap opera -- if that doesn't totally interrupt your nap time...

***And yes, I know this post came out of left field... sort of... but I was getting anxious over the fact that anyone coming to my blog for the first time would see the post about rats/mice... I couldn't have that--they might never come back! Besides, I haven't cooked much lately. Well, I've cooked, just nothing new due to the ankle issues... So, because I love MK, she got a place in the blog. Be on the lookout for Cookie Monster cupcakes that I'm decorating for a friend's son's birthday later this week. There will definitely be a post about that experience!!!***

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