Thursday, October 29, 2009

Simply Gourmet

My friends/neighbors own a store in Nashville, TN called Simply Gourmet. It is an awesome store, and this past weekend they had their Fall Tasting where they showed off TONS of their wonderful products.The store has so many things I barely know where to start... They have cooking gadgets including great knives, decorating items(like for decorating cakes and such), and amazing dips, marinades, and other awesome things to take your dinner parties or get togethers to the next level!!!! Here are some photos I took at their fall tasting. If you live in Nashville and want to stop by, the shop is located in the Target shopping center in Brentwood at I-65 and Old Hickory!

This is Kelly and Pam (the owners) as they get ready for the tasting. You can see there was plenty out for the tasting... so you really missed a good time. (Maybe if you go in and sweet talk them, they'll have a sampling for you too)

This is their pleasingly pumpkin dip with some apples... and it's also my attempt at being a great photographer. I know, I'm the next Ansel Adams, right?

These are some of their dessert dips. There's a s'mores dip, a key lime pie dip and some others. They go GREAT with graham crackers.

One of my favorite Willow&Tree dips... Seriously, you can't go wrong with these things!

These are some really yummy thumbprint cookies that Pam made with their Mimosa Jam. So good.

English Toffee brownies. Stay away from these, they are definitely NOT good for the waist line, but they are REALLY good :-)

Simply Gourmet sells fresh coffee beans and also loose tea. You should try some.

I've forgotten which dip this is, but all of the ones that were showcased in the store's awesome dip chillers were really good... You could even take some of the dip seasoning and mix it with olive oil to use on steak, chicken, pork, or there was a dill seasoning that would be GREAT with Salmon.

This is the really yummy black bean salsa dip that Pam made.
This is just a great shot of all the brownie mixes and some specialty items the store has to offer.

These are some of the marinades, and also a brief shot of the newly installed kitchen. They'll be starting some cooking classes soon, isn't that fun!!!!!

So, there you have it, Simply Gourmet! Stop by and tell Pam and Kelly that Megan sent you... on second thought, I often make strange noises at them from my front porch so that might not be a good idea :-)

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