Friday, October 30, 2009

Butternut Squash

How fitting that my 100th post is on Butternut Squash. Before last year, I had never even tried Butternut squash, but it has quickly become one of my favorite things every... My parents and my second parents (Richie's folks) BOTH planted me some in their gardens. I haven't gotten a lot out of them yet--I think they are hoarding it because they, too, know how wonderful the stuff is.

If you haven't tried Butternut Squash, you should. My personal favorite is:
But, here are some others I found recently that are definitely worth a try... if you have any suggestions on which one of these I should try... let me know :-) Thanks Martha Stewart for shedding some light on this veggie... now I'll have to try these and shed some "lite" on them!
So, which one should I try? Will you try any of these?


AMInnovative said...

Oh my goodness I just cooked up the last of my butternut squash last night! I wish I would have see all your suggestions before hand. (lol!) I ended up cubing roasting half and tossing with some wilted spinach. (Very tasty.) Last night I sent the other half to the blender with some black-eyed peas, tomatoes and spinach... yummy bisque here I come!

Megan said...

But, thankfully it is Winter so you should be able to find some more... and hopefully for cheap...

Your bisque sounds good... you'll have to let me know how that tastes!

AMInnovative said...

Yep, there's plenty more around but when you're the only one eating it, there's great danger in becoming "squashed out." I better switch to a new ingredient for a while. ;)

I'm having the bisque for dinner tonight. It smelled amazing on the stove yesterday so I've got high hopes even though it's not the "prettiest" dish I've ever created.