Thursday, January 22, 2009

My New Gadget

So, this past weekend I purchased a Heart Rate Monitor. I had been wanting one for a while as they are highly recommended, but didn't know which one or whether I should invest in them, etc.

Originally, I wanted a Polar F6, but wound up with a Timex T5G971.

The Timex was a bit cheaper and seemed to have most of what I wanted. I figured there's no reason to go big or go home in this case as I don't exactly know what I'm doing.

It is intriguing as it tells your Heart Rate during your workout and when I'm doing strength it's definitely beneficial... any time I think my HR is getting low, I've been getting up and doing 10 jumping jacks or pushups... something that raises my HR a little. So, I think it's good.

I'm not sure if the calorie count is accurate or not. It told me that I burned around 580 calories from a 45 minute workout on the elliptical on Tuesday, and said I managed to burn about 650 yesterday from 25 mins on the elliptical, and 20 mins of strength exercises (interspersed with the aforementioned jumping jacks and/or pushups)...

So, who knows. At any rate - it's giving me information on my HR which makes me happy. I get an average HR and high HR as well as my time "in zone"...

I would recommend it to you all if you're interested in seeing what you are actually doing.

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