Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is Important to You???

A few weeks ago, right before Christmas, I learned that a woman I knew in college--a sorority sister--was battling cancer. She was diagnosed in March and it didn't seem like the treatments were working. She turned 31 in December--just 2 years older than me--and passed away on Sunday. I didn't know her all that well as I was only at the University of Kansas for a semester, but I remembered her visibly. Perhaps because our first names are the same, but maybe it was more than that.

She kept a journal about her battle from start to finish, and as I read it, it became clear that she was a fighter and someone who truly affected all of those around her. I was impressed with her struggle and her ability to point out in the midst of it all what was important to her.

As I read her journal, I cried... a lot... I'm rather emotional, but I hadn't seen this woman for nearly 10 years so it was surprising to me that I felt this attached to the situation. But her perspective on things was what did that to me.

I realized through all of this that so often I don't really LIVE my life... I just go through it. I let small things get in my way of truly enjoying life. I let myself get flustered easily. I don't treat myself the way I should. I worry/struggle with material things. And I don't delight in the way I should with everyday things.

So, I made a resolution to myself... not a New Year's resolution because that just seems to corny for this. The resolution is this:
  • To see past the small things - and not get flustered easily
  • To treat myself the way I should (make exercise, eating right, sleep, time with my husband and friends, and reading the Bible
  • To make time for the things important to me... (similar to above, but include going to church regularly)
  • To take pleasure in things around me
  • To treat every day as a gift and try to live in the moment more

For those of you that want a kick in the pants and some perspective on your own life... feel free to visit her journal,

31 is awfully young to leave this earth, but if God called me home, I would want to know that I affected people the way she did.

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